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The FAO building is vast and I keep getting lost. I have, however, found the quickest route from my office (on the 7th floor of C wing) to the cafeteria (on the 8th floor), which has great but cheap food and a good view of the city.

Getting lost in the building doesn't worry me to much because all the corridors are lined with heartening pictures of grains and fields and poor people eating. A less heartening thing about the corridor is all the intimidatingly closed doors, behind which there may or may not be friendly people sat in air conditioned rooms.

So my kunundrum is whether to leave my door open and welcome would-be callers to build my personal network, or whether to close my door and save the energy of my air conditioner.

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some photos


Do you like them?

The duck and I in Michael Angelo's famous square

Duck StPeters-s.jpg
St Peters Basillica

Roman Forum

The Duck imagining what it was like in the Roman Forum as Marc Anthony gave his famous speech about Brutus being an honourable man

I hadn't realised that Romulus and Remus from Star Trek were based on these ancient Roman legends. The twins who were suckled by a She-Wolf went on to found Rome

My flat

5 minute walk from my house

Throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain and you'll return to Rome. Throw two and you'll return and fall in Love. Throw three and you'll return, fall in love and get married

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14 August


After a lovely few days wondering around Rome, I started work at the Food and Agriculture Organisation today.

The city is amazing! Everywhere I look there are ancient monuments, beautiful sculptures and sexy Italians. Been to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, St Peter’s Square and Basillica, many stunning Piazzas. Eaten lots of Pizza.

Had a few interesting conversations too. One person told me that in Rome you’ll be ok as long as you have style, good shoes and are beautiful. I was a little shocked at this since at the time I was walking around in travellers shorts, vest-top and unbranded trainers. Although, I suppose being blonde may make me different enough to pass for exotic, in local eyes.

After that conversation I was running around last night looking for an iron to straighten my new shirts and trousers before work… alas, my female flatmates (who are all away on holiday) do not own such a thing… so I went to work this morning with a pair of shoes from Next (I doubt the epitomy of style that Italians look for) a shirt that was crinkled after being transported in my backpack, but also still had the fold marks from the box it came in.

Fortunately most of the people at the FAO are not Italian, and also tended more casually dressed than me…. And were all very friendly. Also, being the middle of August, almost everybody is on holiday. So I was put in an office, and given some reports to read and told that nobody there could answer any questions about my project… but they could take me for some strong Italian coffee.

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Landing in Rome

9th August 2006
The travels begin! I'm sitting in Prague airport waiting for my connection to Rome. How am I feeling? To be honest, pretty tired after a 4 am start, made worse by frantic repacking through the wee small hours, having realised that my bags were both too heavy and totally impractical. In view of my having a job(!) and a suit(!) I'd been persuaded to forgo my trusty backpack in favour of a more ‘professional’ suitcase so that it would keep my shirts and suit smart. As I struggled along Princes St. in Edinburgh yesterday, I discovered that I couldn’t lift my suitcase and pulling it on its wheels came to a halt when one of them fell off, and the handle bit snapped. … so in Matt and Colin’s flat I said screw professional, I’m going with what I know! Also had to take some stuff out…

Now landed in Italy! As I train through the Italian countryside towards Rome (or Roma as I’m now supposed to call it) my first impression is how nice it is that it's raining. How Scotland should be... but hasn't been for the last couple of months.


I arrived in Roma and began to get all those excited traveller feelings tingling through my body. Nervous about the idea of using my Italian on one of the indigenous population (instead of repeating after my CDs), but excited all the same. Just once I get that first conversation going, I’ll be off.

Evening now — got a compact but airy room in a flat with a few Italian girls near the San Giovanni metro station. Only one of the girls is in town, and she’s out working. It’s a nice chance to mull over the day, aware that I’m looking forward to what’s ahead, but also that I’m alone.

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Rome, Kenya, The United Nations and beyond!

A new job, A new challenge

Hi Guys.

This is the start of my new blog.
I'm about to go off to Rome on Wednesday to start working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation for a year.

Pretty excited
Also nervous about the new job thing...

I'll be updating this new blog every now and then

Enjoy it


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